2009 Winter Retreat Notes : January 24th and 25th

2009 Winter Retreat Slideshow : 01.24.09

New Action Items from meeting(not covered in slideshow):

  • Incorporate a proposed ICO Rafting mission statement into Standard Operating Procedures document to be voted on in March.
  • Set up and communicate training meeting for 2/17, TL meeting TBD in April.
  • Plan discussion at Feb/Mar river meetings about attempting to bring environmental education into the mix on our participant trips.
  • Require ICO guides to review and sign South Fork etiquette form, but do not share with El Dorado County.
  • New ICO Rafting T-shirts are available to volunteers for $10. Work out details for payment/distribution.
  • Renting 5 boats for 2009 season.

Ryan Clark,
Jan 27, 2009, 3:58 PM