Google Groups Screen Shots

These screens show how a useful link is missing for GAFYD accounts. I initially thought that adding that link would solve a problem for our group, but after more experimenting and research, it realized that it would not solve out problem. I describe what I really want here and here.

These are the instructions I am trying to follow. The URL is
I am logged in with my domain account.

I am at the Accounts page, logged into my domain account. The "Edit" link next to the Email address is missing.
If it matters, the "ryan" domain account (currently logged in) is a domain administrator.
Update 2012-02-17: The "Edit" link is there! It doesn't work, however.
It givers a message saying that only the domain administrator can change your personal information. Nevertheless, it feels like a big step forward.

Again, I am at the Accounts page. I am logged into my personal google account, and the "Edit" link is present, below the list of Email addresses.

When I edit my group membership for my domain account, I cannot select an alternate email address.
Presumably because there are no alternate addresses created?

When I edit my group membership for my personal google account, I have a "combo" box to select which alternate email address to use for this group.