Click the link below for the Expense Reimbursement form.

Here are the reimbursement policies:

1.  Get prior approval for all non-trip related expenses, or for trip scholarships, at least two weeks before expenditure, from the ICO finance chair at or call Juan Byron650-208-1872 (650-208-1872).                
2.  Levels of pre-approval required:               
    A.  $0 to $100    Finance Coordinator pre-approval only: Juan B.       
    B. $101 to 500    Finance Team (4 members) pre-approval:       
    C. $501 and above    Finance Team AND Chair pre-approval:,       
3.  Please fill out this form, and provide a copy of receipts for each amount requested.  Please scan or photocopy receipts onto a single page if possible, and keep the originals for your records.  Electronic scans and versions via email are acceptable.Sheet 2 lists the expense category names, as well as a worksheet (optional) to track money received and paid out.               
4.  If you have checks (donations or returned funds) for ICO, please tally them at the bottom.  Checks for expenses (non-tax deductible) should be paid to Sierra Club ICO Rafting.  Checks for tax-deductible donations should be paid to Sierra Club Foundation.  Important! In the memo line of the check, please write SF Bay Rafting ICO.               
5.  For fastest service, please email your completed form, scanned receipts, and prior approvals to the ICO rafting treasurer.

Please download the form and fill it out as a local file on your computer.  Use the "down arrow" to the right below.  If you click on the link (on the left), you can only view the form and print it, but you can't fill it out electronically.  (Yes, we do know about Google Docs -- but there are other problems with that so please don't look for that to happen soon.)  So if you want to fill it out electronically, you need to download it.

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