2011 Trip Leader Meeting

May 11

Kevin Jordan’s House

Vinny, Bill, Ryan, Stan, Mel, Kevin, Jon(voice), Juan (voice), Chicken(late)


High Water Discussion

We have ordered parts to convert center-mount frames to stern frames

We have 3 x 14' and 2 x 13' rafts. Trade 13' rafts for 14' rafts until the flows fall?



With right paddlers and conservative lines, high water is okay.

Lower Stanislaus, below Knights Ferry is a good option.

Lower North Fork American is good, too.


Despite high water training we shouldn’t feel obligated to run trips.

Upper Sacramento is a good river.


EFC is a good option. Take out will be challenging in high water.

Kings should be good by June.


We are very conscientious.

Support TLs. Discuss flows amongst guides on trip.

It's okay to say no.


Missed opportunity to explore options and scout other rivers. More choices would help.




·   We have 3 x 14' and 2 x 13' rafts. Trade 13' rafts for 14' rafts until the flows fall?

·   We have ordered parts to convert center-mount frames to stern frames.

·   Need to move gear from Lotus to Oakland.

o        Vinny will bring gear to Oakland after Healing Waters trip on 5/21-5/22.

·   Commissary kits need to be reorganized.

o        Right now we have two not-very-good kits. Need to organize to have one primary, and one secondary kit.

·   ICO has a complete set of personal dishes

o        Gray rubbermaid box.

o        Now has silverware!

o        Complete setting for at least 30.

·   We could use one or two more frame tools.

·   Gear Management

o        For the Spring season, all the equipment should be stored in the Oakland Shed as most trips are not on the South Fork.

§         South Fork trips can take what they need and then return it.

§         Will help reduce gear confusion.

§         In July, when trips return to the South Fork, the gear can go back to Lotus.

§         In the future, all the gear should come back from Lotus after BT3.




·   Hunter's Point

o        July 17-18 (Sunday-Monday)

o        TL: Mel

·   Boys & Girls Club of Peninsula

o        July 23-24 (Sat-Sun)

o        TL: TBD

·   Benecia Community School

o        Sept 18 OR Sept 25 (Sundays)

o        TL: TBD

·   Castlemont High School

o        Aug 6,7,13,14 (1 day, Sat or Sun)

o        TL: TBD

·   Girls, Inc

o        July 8 (Friday)

o        TL: Bill

·   Marin Narcotics Anonymous

o        Anthony to talk to Pablo about suitability of group.

·   August is still completely open!

o        Sequoia requests a make-up date for cancelled May trip.

§         August 20-21

§         TL: Mel


We need more trip leaders. ATLs to help recruit Trip Leaders can make a big difference!



New Trainees

Welcome them on trips, please. We want to keep them involved.

If the circumstances allow, feel free to provide training.

If they get training, fill out evaluation and turn it in to Bill.



Project Life Raft

Activity cards will be sent out soon.

Cards are available on the website.

Trip may be anywhere. Not required to be on the SFA.

Need to have someone who attended the PLR training.



Trip Compliance

·   Trinity

o        Call the managing agencies for rules and regulations.  

o        Two agencies: Camping and river.

·   South Fork

o        Use Salmon Falls Takeout.

§         Use parking sign.

§         Don't pay.

o        Obey quiet zone!

§         That is the best way to keep the rangers happy.

o        Brace yourself: more regulations are coming.

·   Kings River:

o        Has a new ranger this year.

§         Let’s not attract any attention.



Trip Finances

Each trip has $500 available. No strings attached. No permission needed. Spend it please!

If you do Project LifeRaft activities, then you can get an additional $200.



CARP (Child Abuse Recognition & Prevention Program)

Need to recertify every year.

Can self-certify online