Steering Committee

The Steering Committee voted to disband itself
and its functions on February 8, 2015. 

 Member    Position
 Kate Starr Co-Chair (Senior)
 Co-Chair (Junior)
 Chicken Nesmith Trip Leader
 Bill Weinberg Trip Leader
 Lance Chuck Trip Leader
 Chris Thorsen Trip Leader
 Natasha Abeygunawardena Trip Leader
 Ryan Clark
 Trip Leader, Compliance Coordinator
 Juan Byron
 Trip Leader
 Vinny Abeygunawardena Trip Leader, Equipment Coordinator
 Mel Mac Innis
 Trip Leader
 Natalie MacIntyre
 Selection Coordinator
 Ansel McClelland
 Trip Leader
12 Members

List Updated January 6, 2015.

Please note that this list is not a comprehensive "Jobs List." Some jobs are not eligible for Steering Committee membership, and some job holders may choose to opt-out of Steering Committee membership. Similarly, some Steering Committee Members may hold several positions that qualify them for Steering Committee Membership. In those cases, only one position is listed.

If you believe this list is incorrect or out of date please contact the Chairs.