04 April 13 - 19 2015 The Weekly ICO UPDATE

posted Apr 13, 2015, 6:10 PM by Kate Starr   [ updated Apr 14, 2015, 5:36 AM ]
Good Evening and welcome to yet another ICO Weekend Update, I’m Kate Starr and this is WICOU! 
The Weekly Update: April 13 - 19, 2015.
New Updates:
1.      TUNE UP TRIP: The tune up trip was held this past Saturday (4/11/15).  Chris Thorsen was our fearless leader and  Bill Weinberg ensured we didn’t starve, packing us a delicious lunch, including the always popular Oreo Cookies. 11 of us braved the upper section of the SFA to practice our rowing skills. The new NRS boats were on display, a bunch of great colors this year with Velcro attached ICO nametags!  We had two YUTES (aka teenagers) new to boating who joined us.  Both had a good time as we dropped into the hole at Trouble Maker and learning how to row.  The weather was a little cool, but the heat at take out made up for it.  Lots of planned swimming was had, and our very own T-Rex (aka the turtle floatie) had a great un-planned swim on 2nd threat, but thankfully Bart Sr’s boat collected him and returned him to his own boat.  All in all, tons of fun and a great warm up to the season!  Thank you Mr. Thorsen!
2.      Pre-Season Rogue Trip:  This trip has been changed to a 2-day Tuolumne trip.  Check your e-mail and/or talk to Steve A. for further information.  Sign up, sign up, sign up! 
3.      Trip Cancelation: Bill Wilson Center May 18/19th (Thursday/Friday) has been canceled, though we are looking to reschedule, due to a lack of water on weekdays pre Memorial Day Wknd.
4.      Peak Adventure: Sunday May 3rd ICO is invited to Sacramento State to Participate on the challenge (ropes) course.  The program being offered will focus on helping ICO cultivate the following:
a.      Improved organizational communication
b.      Improved safety recognition
c.       Improved cohesion between ICO Personnel
Older Updates:
1.      April River Mtg Minutes: These are coming soon to the ICO internal website.  Lots to read and learn about, including the rough draft of the new structure.  Please read and provide questions and feedback! (KATE is still working on the minutes/Org Chart)
2.      2015 Sierra Club National Volunteer Award Nominations: Each year the sierra club takes nominations for volunteer awards.  Is there someone in ICO Rafting that you think goes above and beyond?  Do you think they deserve additional recognition for their work?  Please go to the below clubhouse link if you would like to nominate someone or learn more about the available awards.  They Madeline Pyatt, one of our founders, Award is specifically geared toward ICO and has a monetary gift associated with it.http://clubhouse.sierraclub.org/people/leaders/awards.aspx
3.      WICOU on the website!  We are changing the location to a better blog location.  The URL for the new location will be shared next week.
4.      The SOPs REVISIONS are moving forward.  Ryan and his team are working diligently to meet the May deadline of a rough draft.  If you have any questions about the goal/intent of the revisions, please contact Kate Starr.  A rough draft should be ready for the May or June River Mtg.
5.      The ORGANIZATIONAL RESTRUCTURE, a task intended to better organize how off-river volunteerism is structured, is underway.  A rough draft will be presented at the April River Mtg.  Roles for each group will be outlined.  Input is encouraged and welcome!
6.      Ross Garner is working with PEAK ADVENTURES to develop a fantastic training on group cohesion and safety that will culminate with a fun ropes course.  The training is on Sunday May 3, 2015.  You can sign up on the trip list.   THANK YOU ROSS.
7.      SWIFTWATER RESCUE is being offered w/ Julie Munger combined with the Healing waters group.  It is being held on May 2-3, 2015.  Please contact Brian O’Neil  for further information on how to sign up for that training.  THANK YOU BRIAN.
8.      The TRIP CALENDAR has been set!  Please sign up for trips.  The participant season starts in early May and continues thru Mid September.  Time to bust out the Sun Block, funny hats and get ready to go a-boatin!
9.      MONTHLY NEWSLETTER - We are going to re-institute a monthly news letter.  Bill Weinberg is heading up this endeavor.  Anyone who would like to assist, provide articles, editing support, computer skillz, photos, etc please reach out to Bill.  THANK YOU BILL!  Monthly Newsletter can be found on our internal website here
Until Next Week.