River smell how-to

Question from Natasha:  does anyone have any advice on how to get river stink out of clothes (i.e. swimsuits, tshirts, etc) ?
i've heard that some synthetics don't absorb the smell as much, but i'm hoping there might be some
tips and tricks people have out there.
Answer from Shalom:  Rub peanut oil on your hair, soak your clothes in a pot with 10 heads of garlic then boil for 2 hrs.  Take out the garlic and make a mash of the garlic cloves and peanut oil.  Then throw out the clothes!
Answer from Jen J:  Soak your clothes in a bucket of water and a couple cups white vinegar. White vinegar doesn't stain and the acetic acid should kill whatever is causing the stink. I think the ratio is 1 cup vinegar: 1 gal water.