April 2009: River Meeting Notes

Date: April 14th, 2009
Location: San Francisco, CA
In attendance: Anthony Scott, Mel Mac Innis, Bill Weinberg, Harold Sloane, Jim Brennan, Natasha Abeygunawardena, Vinny Abeygunawardena, Jared Kelly

  • BT '09 update: Down to 11 trainees. Still waiting on some evaluation forms from BT2. Really great group this year. BT1 was somewhat of a tune-up trip for previous volunteers. Need to better evaluate day one plan based on conditions next year. Paddle out to Salmon Falls is a long one. Medical issues both weekends - both were handled extremely well and involved followups. SUGGESTION: Whiteboard in camp for shuttle plans.
  • Swiftwater Rescue Update: Class is currently *full*. Shad E. will need to provide a list of who is signed up. If you are still interested in attending and do *not* have a current cert, please let Shad know so he can place you on a waitlist.
  • Mid-season training opportunities for our apprentices and guides: We would like to put a few training boats on the water on select participant trips this season. Jim B to research associated costs, Harold Sloane to evaluate trainer interest and come up with some ideas on how to schedule. Bill Weinberg to work up a draft training plan.
  • Finance / Budget Update: Will be adding additional structure to our financial processes, but we want to streamline the process. Jim Brennan is now the Finance Chairperson for ICO. Meeting to be held Thursday and the results shared with all of ICO.
  • ATG Application for Eitan Bencuya was approved. Need to change the 'G' in ATG status to 'A' to clarify our policy.
  • River Signals:  More coming from Bill Weinberg shortly.
  • State Parks / Permits update: El Dorado County and BLM permits have been filed. State Parks ranger back in office 4/27 - until we hear otherwise from him please continue to observe the SP rules (Salmon Falls take-out, etc).
  • Graduation Planning: Graduation to be held during BT4.
  • Website Update: Showed off new site, will be flipping the switch soon.