March 16th steering meeting notes

Steering Notes 3-17-2011 Chicken Coop


Attendees:  Bill, Chicken, Margery, Ryan, Lam, Chris, Jon, Juan (by phone)


1st issue.   Chris needs writing lessons so he don’t write in all CAPS anymore.


 Agenda Items as follows:

Approve agenda and intended time to adjourn

Old Business:

Approve Feb minutes: (Approved)

New Business:
Online certification eligibility (Ryan)

  • Online certification is ok if only you can find an in person testing.

SOP items that need clarification (Ryan)

Donation for FOR (Ryan)

  • ICO can not come to the rescue, but a small donation for FOR like $100. Margery: ICO don’t really have $100 to donate but can bring it to the finance committee for approval
  • Chicken: symbolic donation would be really nice to help them out
  • Ryan will send proposal to the finance committee 


Discuss submitted guide applications: Viviana C, Torn S, Vinny A, Natasha A (All approved)

Committee updates (Finance, Selection, Training, Fundraising)

  • Trainers and TL is cover by ICO
  • Fundraising went really well
  • Bill and Jared will work on AO fundraiser
    Open floor


  • SC offer to produce video for free. If this interesting recruit a team to work with the sc team to


Set next meeting date

  • April 21,2011
  • Do we need a river meeting in April?   Chris and Vinny discuss.