#25 Oct 12-Oct 18, 2015 Weekly ICO Updater

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Below are organizational updates and weekly bits of fluff for your entertainment.  I will try to add a weekly photo as well.  Please let me know of any updates you would like added to the WICOU.

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Ryan and Will Cal Band

A winner for the WICOU trivia point challenge will be announce on Monday December 14!  Along with bragging rights, there will be Certificate of Awesomeness and possibly a trophy…  So it’s time to buckle down and dig deep for the weekly answers.


Last  Week’s Bit of Fluff: Cal Berkeley Sports (in honor of Cal Bears Football going 5-0!)

1.      When did the Cal Bear Football Team last go 5-0 to open the season?

a.      2007

2.      Does Cal Berkeley have a Varsity Women’s Rugby Team?

a.      No, it is a Club Sport.  But they have a Varsity Men’s Team, WTF!

3.      Where does the Cal Bears Men’s Rugby Team Play home games?

a.      Witter Stadium, different from where the Football team plays

4.      Which ICO Rafting Volunteer is a proud alumnus of the Cal Band?

a.      RYAN CLARK (see above)

5.      Who is the current starting QB for Cal Bears Football?

a.      Jared Goff


This Week’s Bit of Fluff: Know thy Fellow Volunteers! (I’m starting with me, because I forgot to ask questions of others)

1.      From where does Kate Starr hale?

2.      What year did Kate train with ICO Rafting?

3.      What is Kate’s favorite sport to play?

4.      If Kate owned an animal, would it be a cat or a dog?

5.      How did Kate get involved in ICO Rafting?



The Weekly Update: October 12 – October 18, 2015.


Current Updates:


1.      ICO End of year Party: Was a great time!  Lots of old timers in attendance (great for me to finally put faces to names).  A big thanks to Teresa for organizing and Steve and Chris for hosting.  The food was delicious, the thirst quenching beverages copious and the company delightful!


2.      November River Mtg: There will be a Nov. River Mtg on the first Wednesday of Nov, please mark your calendars.  Time and Location is to be determined.  An agenda will be forthcoming.  Let me know if you have any items you would like on the agenda.


3.      Recruitment:

a.      Per the September River Mtg, we will be searching for a volunteer coordinator outside of ICO Rafting.  If you are interested in assisting w/ the advertisement wording and recruitment, Please contact Kate.


4.      Training 2016:

a.      We are currently planning to have 2016 spring training.  Look for an e-mail from Kate requesting volunteers to organize training.  If you want to be on the training committee please let Kate Starr know. 


5.      Happy Birthday this week:

a.      Please wish a happy birthday to: Kim Knapp

b.      Please let me know your birthday so I may add it to the WICOU. 


Older Updates:


1.      Upcoming Trips: 

a.      As of September 19, 2015, TRIPS ARE DONE FOR THE SEASON, Thank you everyone who helped organize, run or support a trip!


2.      Diversity Equity and Inclusion Discussion: Mtg to be held Monday Sept. 21st was postponed.   Check out the reading: The Evolving Language of Diversity by Kathy Castania.  Jackie sent out a great  e-mail (on Sept. 2nd) to the ICORafting list requesting people provide feedback on what dates in September would work for Activities and discussions to help understand meaning of words like: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Intersectionality, Micro-aggressions, Trigger, Culture, Allyship, Race, Racism, Cisgender, LGBTQQIA and more.


3.      Outreach Coordinator Needed:

a.      Anthony Scott, who has fearlessly done our outreach and calendaring of late has decided to step down from this role.  Thank you Anthony for all you have done and do for ICO Rafting.  In his absence a new Outreach Coordinator is needed.  The Outreach Coordinator’s job currently: Send applications to partner agencies, both existing and new agencies suggested by ICO volunteers, receive/review the applications, set up a calendar meeting with the trip leaders, send out response letters to all partner agencies who applied.  The position can also be expanded to work with the agencies more.  Additional support can be solicited from other volunteers.

b.      Please contact Kate Starr and/or Anthony Scott if you have any questions or are interested in taking on this job.

Until Next Week.





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