All Outdoot's Safety and Pre River Talk

What follows is a 30 point canned safety talk. Regardless of which 'system' you use to remember which points to cover, all of the items listed below should be touched upon in your safety talk. An abbreviated version can be given at a pre-trip meeting.

  1. Introductions (Guides, Group leaders, Apprentices)
  2. Find non-English speaking and/or Deaf participants. Assign interpreter.
  3. "Questions can be asked at any time."
  4. Conditions for todays trip: weather, river flows, other environmental concerns.
  5. Caution: Snakes, poison oak, ticks, etc
  6. General plan for the day (put-in/take-out, lunch, rapids, etc)
  7. Sunscreen: Use it, but not on back of legs or forehead.
  8. Quiet Zone rules (South Fork of the American)
  9. Toilets: Where and when.
  10. No smoking or chewing gum on rafts. Smoking in clear areas only.
  11. Shoes: no 'thongs', etc.
  12. No diving from raft or shore
  13. No swimming without Guide's permission
  14. River water: don't drink it.
  15. Shore hazards: slippery rocks, etc.
  16. Medical concerns
    1. May be discussed in private after safety talk.
    2. Allergies
    3. Neck/Back problems
    4. Diabetics
    5. other injuries or illnesses that may effect a participants ability to raft.
  17. Sitting in the raft: weight on feet, lean forward, secure foot positions.
  18. Paddles: how-to hold, T-grip, etc.
  19. Paddle commands and paddling together
  20. Always listen for guides instructions.
  21. Hand Signals: "OK", "point positive"
  22. Getting stuck on small rocks: do not get out of the boat, shifting weight, etc.
  23. High-sides: When and how.
  24. Falling out of the raft
    1. LOOK downstream, FEET UP.
    2. LISTEN for directions.
    3. NO STANDING in moving water.
    4. Avoid downstream of raft
    5. Under raft? Go in one direction.
    6. Breath in trough of waves
    7. In a reversal? Swim to sides, then push down (cannonball).
    8. Strainers: Brush, branches, boats, etc.
    9. Swim to side only if absolutely clear.
    10. Stay in deep water.
    11. Throw bag
  25. Helping others back into the raft: lift by armpits, NOT arms, wrists, or jacket.
  26. PFD
    1. Buckled and tight at all times.
    2. May only be removed at lunch and take-out.
    3. Tuck in straps and remove any knots.
  27. Questions? Concerns?
  28. Fit PFDs and tighten.
  29. Assign crews to boats / Discuss medical concerns if needed.