Weekend 2

ICO Basic Training Schedule                                             Weekend 2 (Saturday)

Lotus to Salmon Falls

MENTORS: Equipment ______, Food _____, Logistics _____

6:45         Wake up call

7:00         Breakfast – get river ready!

8:00         Instructor Meeting ________________, Sunday ________________

Ø      Overview of day                                          Ø      Instructor feedback

Ø      Challenges/issues                                          Ø      Roles (head guide? Extra paddlers?)

Ø      Evaluations (week #1)                               Ø      Boat Assignments (including ITs)


8:15         Group meeting

Ø      Game 

Ø      Overview of day

Ø      What needs to happen to leave camp

Ø      Shuttle drivers meet – No Trainee Drivers

Ø      Prepare to run shuttle

8:30         Bring equipment from shed to put-in

9:00         Shuttle Leaves No Trainee Drivers


Ø      Handle put-in procedures (instructor give feedback)

Ø      Appoint a trainee “boat captain” for each boat (insures tasks completed)

Ø      Practice safety talk (instructor gives feedback)

Ø      Two students tag-teaming safety talk may reduce anxiety

10:30       Shuttle Returns (Delayed shuttle = throw bag practice)

10:40       Quick Instructor check-in

10:45       Trainees conduct Paddle Talk (Instructor gives feedback)

Ø   How to sit in boat

Ø   Commands: forward, back paddle, Right Turn, Left Turn,

Ø   Practice: Ferrying back and forth

Instructor: Review with each Student their Challenges & Accomplishments: 

Ø   Go over Weekend #1 skills

Ø   What do they understand

Ø   What do they need more work on

Ø   Revisit weak skills up until lunch

Head down river - Emphasize and Practice

Ø   Identify current, tongue, main channel, river hazards

Ø   avoiding obstacles (back away)

Ø   Identify obstacles (real vs perceived)

Ø   upstream / downstream angles

Ø   ferrying across current

Ø   controlling momentum

Ø   using the crew

1:00         Lunch –

1:30         Instructor Check-in (What trainees ready for Class IIIs?)

2:30         Review Fowlers, Satans, Bouncing Rock, Hospital Bar

Ø      Emphasize reading water; introduce properly entering waves & holes

Ø      Volunteer swimmers for Swimmer’s Rapid?

4:15         Take-out:  Trainees run take-out procedure (Instructors mentor)

Ø      1) Tilt Boats, 2) organize gear, 3) roll boats, 4) change clothes

5:00         Kitchen Tribe sets up hand and dish wash

6:00         Dinner – Kitchen Tribe gives kitchen talk

7:00         River History

8:00         Noah Rucker-Triplett, River Ranger

ICO Basic Training Schedule                                         Weekend 2 (Sunday)

                                                                                    Chili Bar to Henningsen


6:45         Wake up call

7:00         Breakfast

8:00         Instructor Meeting

Ø                        Overview

Ø                        Challenges

Ø                        Give boat Assignments

8:15         Group meeting

Ø                        Overview of day

Ø                        What needs to happen to leave camp

Ø                        Shuttle Drivers Meet

Ø                        Prepare to leave campsite

8:45         Group Meeting–Shuttle Plan Announced (Drop off cars at Henningsen)

9:30         Arrive at Chili Bar–unload gear

9:40         Send all cars back to Lotus and bring back drivers

                  Students prepare rafts & practice Safety Talk

10:40       Students practice skills–in Chili Bar eddy

Ø                        How to sit in boat: paddlers

Ø                        Commands: forward, back paddle, etc.

Ø                        Sweep Strokes: forward and reverse

Ø                        Ferrying–setting and holding position

Ø                        Controlling boat speed

11:00       Instructors guide & model Meatgrinder & Race Horse Bend

Ø                        Head down river-Identify; current, tongue, main channel, river hazards

Ø                        Identify and demo avoiding an obstacles

Ø                        Introduce eddys (if appropriate)

11:30       Race Horse Bend Eddy–Students take over

12:30       Lunch-at 2nd Threat

2:00         Troublemaker:  Intro to scouting rapids – bring throw bags

2:15         Instructors guide and model Troublemaker

4:00         Arrive Henningsen:             Students handle take-out procedures (instructors monitor)

Ø                        Tilt Boats

Ø                        Organize gear

Ø                        Roll boats

Ø                        Change clothes


4:00         Student and Instructor Evaluations Begin

5:00         Circle up!

5:30         Unload gear at Camp Lotus