May 5th: River Meeting

ICO Meeting Notes

May 5, 2010


Attendees: Vinny, Lam, Shad, Kitty, Emilia, Matt, Jr, Ryan, Margery, Mel, Tracey, Kevin j, Arturo, Bill, Jenn Lies, Booboo, Panda, Nabi, Natasha, Stan


April Trip Reports


Beyond basics: no flips, no wraps, great.

BT3: miscommunication w/ commkits, so we camped at lotus. Couple of minor swims. Missed the rain. Yay.

BT4: upper sac. Nice flows. Saturday, did bt stuff. Had an apprentice boat.  Got home early. 30 ppl total. 7-8 guests. 3 or 4 want to be ICO guides, and coming on trips.


WFA class

14 ICO volunteers. Really great class. Good time. Everyone enjoyed.



as far as I know, we’re not bankrupt, so it’s good.”



Ant and jared started writing it two years ago. General vote is required for SOP by sierra club. Please look at it, suggest changes, before we go to vote. Right now, doc is in google moderator.  Margery said the comments we had made in the may meeting had never made it into the document. Comments should probably not be stopped. So please read it, and comment on the google link, not send to chairs.  This document is going to be version 1.0. nothing that says we can’t modify or edit it. There’s nothing that says we can’t edit it. We just need a baseline for it.


Guide app

32 ppl voted.



We need more ppl on the fundraising committee. Jon and other ppl on the team have made a lot of progress so we can bring our participants on river. Especially, one section for donations, make sure they get thank-yous.


Beyond Basics Graduation

Trainers: jenn lies, larry Ormond, ansel, chicken, Margery,

Trainees: jim, Arturo, Jackie, brian, Natasha, vinnykareimlaura,


Basic Training

Yay trainees graduation: nabi, panda, kitty, tracey, Emilia, matt, jr, and sr

Congrats, apprentices !!

Also, thanks to the TLs and trainers who helped out.



Matt wanted to know more training on high water, BT3 caught off guard. Also, not to be corrected during his mistakes.

Jr also requested more high water.

Emilia asked for more natural history articles. More practice with unplanned flips.

Kitty wanted to relate the readings to river ffuts

Nabi asked for more attention placed on things people were scared of, swimming under the boat, and give ppl more experience to deal with this. Would have liked to learn more techniques to getting people to paddle together, like fun cadences.

Booboo mentioned that she would like more practice working with unwilling participants.

Tracey had nothing to complain about. Prolly followup on the readings.


What they liked

Jr: flip. More trainers who worked with him and come back and be in the boat with him, like sitting in the boat while someone else is training him, while he can give him extra feedback.

Matt: more sticktime. Keeping less trainees in boat.

Emilia: those waterpens. Also catering to individuals styles (hard, encouraging, etc)

Kitty: liked having different teachers, and same teachers.

Nabi: liked that had main trainer, and a recently trained apprentice in boat, because it helped support the trainee, and etc. liked being on a different river. Gave more experience than south fork.

Panda: having different trainers was more variety about how to go thru rapids differently. Also, with the same trainer, were able to get skills down right.

Tracey: learned a lot from different ppl.  And from same trainers. Worked both ways. First having same trainers, and then different.


Second calendaring

Only able to schedule one trip. We’d like to get the empty weekends filled.