08 May 11 - May 17, 2015 The Weekly ICO Updater

posted May 19, 2015, 10:02 AM by Kate Starr




Hello all my happy trivia hounds!


This week we shall kick off the show with some famous movie quotes!  The first 5 people to correctly respond back (via e-mail) naming the movie from which the quote was taken will be added to the “trivia” leaders board.  The board shall be updated weekly….


The Quotes:


1.        “I’m your huckleberry!”

2.       “You’ve been mostly dead all day”

3.       “Fasten your seatbelts.  It’s going to be a bumpy night”

4.       “There's no crying in baseball!

5.       These aren't the droids you're looking for


PS – I’m still taking Trivia Questions for use in our friendly WICOU!


The Weekly Update: May 11 – May 17, 2015.


Current Updates:


1.      BAKE SALE May 16 & 17th: Natalie MacIntyre, having rocked lasted year’s bake sale, has volunteered yet again to lead the bake sale.  It will be held at the Berkeley REI on May 16th and 17th.  Please contact her @ natjmac@gmail.com to volunteer to either bake goods, run the table, assist w/ organizing or all three.


2.      The Bill Wilson Center: This trip is scheduled for this weekend May 16th/17th.  The Bill Wilson Center has been a repeat rafting group with ICO for many years.  Typically the group we take is part of their Transitional Housing program, aka homeless teens and their families.  It is a great group, please sign up on the website or contact Bill Weinberg if you can guide this trip.


3.      Wilderness First AID: June 27/28th  Bobbie Foster is hosting a WFA class at Hanna Boys Center for ICO.  This is a 3-yr certification which is great to have both for ICO and anytime you are out in the wilderness.  The Sign up Deadline is May 25th.  You can sign up on our ICO Trips Page.  Cost is $100 for the class, but if you sign up for this one, ICO will be subsidizing our volunteers so the cost is only $60.  Please contact Natasha to sign up.


4.      New Group: The KIPP Heartwood Middle School w/ San Jose ICO  has been added to the calendar.  The mission of this group, the younger version of the KIPP Collegiate Academy, is to deepen in the students of East San Jose the knowledge, skills and character, and intellectual habits needed to excel in college and to make positive change every single day. The trip is scheduled forJune 13th and 14th.  Chris Thorsen has stepped up to be our fearless leader.  Please contact Chris or sign up on line to guide this trip.


Older Updates:


1.      May River Mtg: Please RSVP on the google docTheMay River Mtg, was held Wednesday May 6th 2015 @ 7pm at Mel’s house (840 Delaware St. Berkeley).  Tasty food ws provided potluck style,  there was a quick update on the status of all the off-river teams, information about all of the trips happening this summer was provided with an emphasis on  SIGNING UP FOR TRIPS.  So PLEASE go to the website and SIGN UP FOR TRIPS!


2.      April River Mtg Minutes: These are coming soon to the ICO internal website.  Lots to read and learn about, including the rough draft of the new structure.  Please read and provide questions and feedback! (KATE is still working on the minutes/Org Chart)


3.      The SOPs REVISIONS are moving forward.  Ryan and his team are working diligently to meet the May deadline of a rough draft.  If you have any questions about the goal/intent of the revisions, please contact Kate Starr.  A rough draft should be ready for the May or June River Mtg.


4.      The ORGANIZATIONAL RESTRUCTURE, a task intended to better organize how off-river volunteerism is structured, is underway.  A rough draft will be presented at the April River Mtg.  Roles for each group will be outlined.  Input is encouraged and welcome!



Until Next Week.