OLT 101

[This note by Jon Wurl, 22 December 2008:  I am making this note in both the OLT-201 and OLT-201 sections.  I don't recall our policy, but I think it should be that: our Guide Training conforms to OLT-101 requirements, and our Trip Leader policies and training  conforms to OLT-201.  This is not a burdensome policy, I think in both cases the conformance exists.  However, we want to consciously maintian this conformance, so this page is for information, links, etc, related to the Sierra CLub resources on these subjects.  The bullet point for the page was originated by Jared, just to give credit.  Plus I do find the Sierra Club resources to be pretty good, as someone who is concerned about the quaility of our trips.  This note by me is removeable by anyone who feels it is annoying, and I will remove it myself eventually.]