21 - Sept 7 - Sept 13, 2015 Weekly ICO Updater

posted Sep 9, 2015, 11:48 AM by Kate Starr




Below are organizational updates and weekly bits of fluff for your entertainment.  I will try to add a weekly photo as well.  Please let me know of any updates you would like added to the WICOU.


The Deschutes 2013 (Zach & Ansel)


This week’s Bit of Fluff: Math Quiz, cos I’m a total Math Dork!!


1)      Please provide the Pythagorean Theorem

2)      If 6x+4 =10, what is x.

3)      How many degrees in a triangle?

4)      What is the quadratic equation?

5)      What is the y-intercept of the equation y=2x-5?


If the first boat pod leaves chili bar at 10am paddling an average of 2 miles per hour and the 2nd boat pod leaves chili bar at 11am paddling an average of 3 miles per hour.  Assuming the river current is flowing at a constant 1 mph at what time will the two pods meet up?  How far down river will they be?




The Weekly Update: September 7 – September 13, 2015.


Current Updates:


1.      Upcoming Trips: 

a.      Grant Union High School:  Saturday Sept 12th 2/ Mel.  This is a joint trip with the Sacramento ICO group.  Grant Union is one of their groups with whom they hike.

b.      Kinship Youth Program:  Saturday Sept 19th w/ Natasha.  This Trip needs guides, please contact Natasha if you are available.


2.      ICO End of year Party: Mark your Calendar for Saturday October 10th 4pm to 8pm.  Please RSVP via the E-vite link here: http://evite.me/fUxK1HDqVa


3.      September River Mtg:  Was awesome!  Keep your eyes peeled for the mtg minutes and follow up e-mail topics.


4.      Veteran Trip: ETC has stepped up to fill the void and the 1st Veteran trip a group of 8 homeless veterans, accompanied by the Cal AWE Study, took place last Sunday (8/16/15). 


5.      Diversity Equity and Inclusion DiscussionJackie sent out agreat  e-mail (on Sept. 2nd) to the ICORafting list requesting people provide feedback on what dates in September would work forActivities and discussions to help understand meaning of words like: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Intersectionality, Micro-aggressions, Trigger, Culture, Allyship, Race, Racism, Cisgender, LGBTQQIA and more..  If you are interested please respond to Jackie’s e-mail or contact her directly if you can no longer find the e-mail.


6.      Happy Birthday this week:

a.      Please wish a happy birthday to:

b.      Please let me know your birthday so I may add it to the WICOU. 



Older Updates:


1.      Outreach Coordinator Needed:

a.      Anthony Scott, who has fearlessly done our outreach and calendaring of late has decided to step down from this role.  Thank you Anthony for all you have done and do for ICO Rafting.  In his absence a new Outreach Coordinator is needed.  The Outreach Coordinator’s job currently: Send applications to partner agencies, both existing and new agencies suggested by ICO volunteers, receive/review the applications, set up a calendar meeting with the trip leaders, send out response letters to all partner agencies who applied.  The position can also be expanded to work with the agencies more.  Additional support can be solicited from other volunteers.

b.      Please contact Kate Starr and/or Anthony Scott if you have any questions or are interested in taking on this job.




Until Next Week.






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