#30 Nov. 16 - Nov 22, 2015 Weekly ICO Update

posted Nov 16, 2015, 3:52 PM by Kate Starr



Good Morning Everyone!  Welcome to yet another episode of The Weekly ICO Updater!  I’d like to thank you all for tuning in with us this Monday morning.  Or at least skimming us via your daily digest!


Below are organizational updates and weekly bits of fluff for your entertainment.  I will try to add a weekly photo as well.  Please let me know of any updates you would like added to the WICOU.

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 BT4 – Merced 2014


A winner for the WICOU trivia point challenge will be announced on Monday December 14!  Along with bragging rights, there will be Certificate of Awesomeness and definitely a trophy…  So it’s time to buckle down and dig deep for the weekly answers.  As a bonus, each year’s winner gets to “improve” the trophy as they see fit before handing it off to the new Trivia Winner!


This  Week’s Bit of Fluff: Sierra Club & ICO Rafting History Trivia

1.      Name the Oakland Tech Teacher that is credited with founding ICO Rafting.

2.      Which of our current Trip Leaders/Guides was in the 2nd ICO Rafting Training class?

3.      Who was the first President of the Sierra Club?

4.      Where was the first Sierra Club Outing held?

5.      What is Michael Brune's title at the Sierra Club?



Last Week’s Bit of Fluff: Dam and Reservoir Trivia

1.      Name the “lake” created by the Hoover Dam

a.      “Lake” Mead aka Reservoir/Stagnant Pond Mead, cos it isn’t a real lake

2.      What Dam creates the reservoir in Hetch Hetchy Valley

a.      O’Shaughnessy Dam

3.      Name the Hydro Dam on the Connecticut river in Littleton NH

a.      Moore Dam, which create Moore “Damn” Lake!

4.      Name the two Dams above the Nugget on the South Fork of the American

a.      Chili Bar Dam

b.      Slab Creek Dam

5.      What river is being dammed by the 3 Gorges Dam?

a.      Yangtze River

b.      BONUS: Apparently, the river is called Chang Jiang “Long River” by the Chinese, only a section is called Yangtze.  But due to western missionaries being familiar with the Yangtze section, in English the entire river is referred to as Yangtze.  


The Weekly Update: November 9 – November 15, 2015.


Current Updates:


1.      Bake Sale Lead Needed: December 19th and 20th: Our bi-annual bake sale @ REI (San Francisco Location) is fast approaching.  Please contact Fred Medrano if you can A) lead the bake sale or B) help staff/bake for the bake sale.  


2.      Annual Grassroots Letter Campaign: fundraiser needs assistance.  Fred and Larry could use some help organizing letters, stuffing envelopes, contacting people, for the annual Letter Campaign.  If you have time to give, please contact Fred Medrano and/or Larry Orman to help with this great fundraising event.


3.      November River Mtg:

a.      The Nov. River Mtg was held at 840 Delaware St. Berkeley on Wed. Nov. 4.  Delicious Foods, including spaghetti, garlic bread, spaghetti squash, spinach, and pumpkin seeds were had.  We Discussed:

                                                              i.      Training 2016: Trying to finalize dates for training and start the recruitment process.  Want to be part of directing what our new guides learn?  Join the Training Team!  Chris Thorsen is our fearless leader!

                                                            ii.      Upcoming Fundraising Events: See above regarding the Bake Sale and Grassroots Letter Writing Campaign


4.      Recruitment:

a.      Per the September River Mtg, we will be searching for a volunteer coordinator outside of ICO Rafting.  If you are interested in assisting w/ the advertisement wording and recruitment, Please contact Kate.


5.      Training 2016:

a.      We are currently planning to have 2016 spring training.  If you want to be on the training committee please let Chris Thorsen know. 

b.      UPDATE: If you are a TL and or a Trainer: Please fill out the availability doodle that was sent out by Kate on Nov. 12th.


6.      Happy Birthday this week:

a.      Please wish a happy birthday to: Mai Ng; Jackie Lim; Ross Garner

b.      Please let me know your birthday so I may add it to the WICOU. 


Older Updates:


1.      Upcoming Trips: 

a.      As of September 19, 2015, TRIPS ARE DONE FOR THE SEASON, Thank you everyone who helped organize, run or support a trip!


Until Next Week,





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