This page is intended to collect information and resources to aid and assist with ICO fundraising efforts.

Project LifeRaft (now located under Training)

How to have donors fill out checks

Any person who donates to ICO Rafting and wants that donation to be tax deductible should write their check to The Sierra Club Foundation and in the memo line they should write SF Bay Rafting ICO.  The checks should be sent to Mary Weinberg first, and she will then forward them to the National Office.

You may have heard something different in the past as to how to write the checks, but this information is current as of 28 February 2011.  See the extranet for all current information on how donations are processed.

2013 ICO Rafting Fundraiser Dinner

About ICO
Inner City Outings is an all-volunteer outreach program of the Sierra Club (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization)that provides wilderness experiences for groups of youths and adults from urban communities that have little or no access to nature due to lack of income, awareness, or skills.  This summer, the ICO rafting guides will share the experience of whitewater rafting on California rivers with over 250 participants from 17 local groups.  These rafting trips offer a chance for ICO volunteers and share their joy of the river, its unique environment and natural history, on outings that offer a special outdoor experience that can change people's lives.  Through such encounters, the volunteers of ICO hope to grow our alliances with new advocates for river preservation and environmental equity.

For additional information about donating to ICO Rafting, please visit