April 10 Trip Leader Meeting

April 10, 2012
Kevin Jordan's House
In Attendance: Ryan, Kevin and Hailey, Bill, Natasha, Vinny, Margery (Phone), Juan (Phone), Jon (phone), Stan


General Chatter about Lower Klamath, target destination for the July ESA trip.

Permitting (Bill)

Bill put together survey of River Management Agencies
Applied for Merced. One trip in Apri, two trips in May, two trips in June
Big Bar Ranger District (Trinity & Upper Sac). They want Commercial permit, Sierra Club is negotiating.
All other rivers are either permitted, or permits are not required.

Equipment Logisitics

Gear will return to Oakland after BT3 for the benefit of BT4.
TLs will negotiate gear management amongst themselves.

Expense Reimbursement

New Finance Coordinator: Juan!
Small changes to process.
Juan will be point person for most routine reimbursement requests.
No full-team votes for routine reimbursement.
Two-week lead time for money in advance.

Trip Expense Reimbursement
  • $500/trip scholarship pre-approved. (regardless of trip duration)
  • $0-$100 additional... Juan is empowered to approve
  • $100-$500 additional team vote is needed
  • Over $500 additional, Chair approval is needed.
Coordinator... non-trip expenses.
  • $0-$100 additional... Juan is empowered to approve
  • $100-$500 team vote is needed
  • Over $500, Chair approval is needed.

Form has typo in Juan's phone number. Correction is in progress.

Equipment... Long term needs

  • Hangers. Nice metal hangers. Don't steal!
  • Propane Tree & one hose. Vinny will get a second hose.
  • Stove dials fixed!
  • Propane tanks at Lotus are low... Vinny will fill on BT3.
  • Bill: Lisa K donated a blaster. It is at Lotus. It backfires. Bill will try to remember to bring it home for repair.
  • Margery: Water bottles... don't have enough. Wasteful to have participants bring disposable.
    • Bottles came mostly from Chicken.
    • Need a place to store to dry.
    • We don't need enough for everyone... only to supplement.
    • Bill has 12 more.
    • Stan has some more, too.
    • Can we get donations from REI, or others?
    • Natasha will talk to BAWT.
  • Margery: Wanted: Cleanup procedure for Shed packup 
    • Vinny will write a draft, distribute, and post on the Shed door.
  • Delegate clean, dry towels for drying dishes.
  • Need more frame tools
  • More PFDs? Paddles?
  • Oakland Shed Code: #5454 (five button pushes)
    • Chicken is listed as the contact person with the Property Manager.
  • More stern frames? No.

Improving TL Resources on Website (Margery)

  • TL Manual is out of date
  • Website might be more effective.
    • Different copies of group intro letters
    • Budget planning tools
    • Personal TODO lists
    • TL Packing List
  • Plug for sharing information

Effective Pre-Trip Meeting

  • Ryan: Explain ICO, set expectations, paperwork
  • Bill: Personal checklist, has video, introduce ICO, recruit
  • Margery: Set expectations, explain rafting (don't know what a boat is), packing list
  • Jon: safety talk (repetition)
  • Juan: Take first-time/unsuccessful group leaders on an ICO trip?
  • Margery: Have pre-pre-trip meeting with group leader, have guides come to pre-trip

Sample pre-trip meeting? Filmed Cameron House Pre-trip meeting.

Environmental Education / Project Life Raft

  • Jon: PLR was a pilot project. Need a debrief. Need someone to spearhead debrief and new training efforts.
    • Liaison to Sonia from Water Committee.
  • Continue what we did last year as much as we can.
  • Teaching PLR in BT classroom.
  • PLR will be taught at one or more monthly meetings.
  • How can we make it fun?
  • Kevin: Closing Circle at the base of a dam. (Kings River)
  • Bill: All Outdoors Interpretive Packet
    • Let's spread them around.
    • Ryan will ask Jared for one.


Lots of groups are missing.
  • Castlemont x2
  • Center for Human Development #2
  • Combine one-day trips to open up full weekends?
  • Mission Graduates
  • KIPP (San Jose ICO)
  • Sequoia

Vinny & Natasha have bandwidth, *IF* they can become TLs, or find on-paper TL.
Jon happy to be on-paper TL for any trip.

Mel might be able to lead trips. Ryan to ask.

Consider combining one-day trips into one weekend to open up slots for full-weekend trips. Especially in August.


Commissary Kit: Vinny to find someone to merge the two inadequate comm kits

Kevin: Wants to go to the Lower Klamath. Wants advice and suggestions offline.