February 16th Steering Committee meeting

ICO Steering Committee Meeting Notes
February 16, 2011 at the NEW Chicken Coop
Committee members present: Vinny, Natasha, Ryan, Bill, Margery, Chicken
Committee members present by phone: Anthony, Juan, Jim, Jon
  1. January Steering Committee Notes approved, 10-0
  2. SOP Proposal “RLC-03” (Section 1.3)
    1. Approved 10-0
  3. SOP Proposal “JB-01” (Equipment, Section 7)
    1. Side discussion about using ICO gear on fundraiser trips conducted by a concessionaire. All agreed to it was acceptable.
    2. Approved 10-0
  4. SOP Proposal “SW-01” (Basic Training Goals, Section 10.1)
    1. Approved 10-0
  5. SOP Proposal “WW-01” (Guide and Trip Leader promotion process)
    1. Discussed concerns brought up at the Retreat about the lack of a Wilderness First Aid currency requirement for Trip Leaders.
      1. It was noted that there were advocates on both sides of the issues. Some wanted a more strict requirement, others a less strict requirement.
      2. It was noted that the WFA requirement was not changing as part of this proposal, and there was consensus that addressing the WFA requirement was not the purpose of this proposal.
      3. The Steering Committee welcomes and encourages the concerned parties to submit a proposal specifically addressing the TL WFA requirement.
    2. Approved 10-0
  6. SOP Proposal “RLC-02” (Steering Committee Membership, Section 3.4.1)
    1. Discussed various concerns raised at the Retreat
      1. Opposition to two-tier “Mandatory” and “Opt-in” framework
      2. Concerns about who should be eligible for the Steering Committee
        1. More inclusive versus less inclusive.
        2. The current relevant definitions may be inadequate.
      3. Concerns about the quantity of meetings required
        1. The proposal’s wording is difficult to understand.
    2. Agreed that the proposal should be tabled and reworked.
    3. Members present took several informal straw polls to gauge the support for various aspects of the proposal.
      1. There is support in principle for designating all eligible steering committee members as “opt-in.”
      2. There is support in principle for the attendance requirement.
      3. There is support in principle for a waiting period.
    4. Ryan (the proposal’s author) will seek advice from “sop-discuss” and resubmit the proposal. It will need discussion at a River Meeting one again before a final vote.
  7. Bart Carlson, Sr’s Guide application
    1. Approved 7-0-3
  8. Selection Coordinator’s Report (Natasha)
    1. 2011 Training class is selected. 8 Trainees and 3 Alternates.
    2. Considering small modifications to the point system
    3. There was an issue with an applicant who had several conflicts with Basic Training due to military service. It has been resolved.
    4. HR training and/or guidelines from the Sierra Club would be helpful.
  9. Training Coordinator’s Report (Bill)
    1. Desire for a “Skills Review” weekend
      1. More non-first aid scenarios
      2. Mel & Bart Sr have volunteered to help
      3. Considering joining with Project Life Raft. Not sure yet.
      4. Not yet scheduled.
  10. Fundraising Trips
    1. Bill and Jared will work together. Need to connect.
  11. Fundraising Coordinator’s Report (Jon)
    1. Good conversation at Retreat. Positive support. Good ideas.
      1. Branding and Networking is really important.
    2. Fundraising Dinner is going well.
      1. Teresa is bringing a lot of Alumni
        1. Will help show impact over 30 years.
      2. Teresa will MC
    3. Stewardship Council regional grant is in development.
  12. Outreach Coordinator’s Report (Anthony)
    1. Calendaring Meeting next Wednesday (2/23) at Mel’s house at 7:00pm
    2. We have applications from 9 groups. We will probably need a follow-up calendaring meeting because of the low numbers.
    3. Trip Leaders and ATLs, PLEASE contact your groups.
    4. Anthony will update the application due date after the calendaring meeting.
    5. Margery may recruit groups from other local ICO groups as part of a regional fundraising effort.
    6. Marin NA probably needs a new Trip Leader. Paul is out of the country.
  13. Open Floor: Should Steering Committee Meetings be open to non-Steering Committee members?
    1. Variety of opinions expressed for and and against open meetings.
      1. The primary arguments for closed meetings was that they are more efficient and productive, and that open meetings seemed redundant with River Meetings.
      2. The primary argument for open meetings was for transparency and inclusiveness.
    2. Consensus that personnel matters (such as Guide applications) should be discussed in closed sessions.
  14. Next Steering Committee Meeting is potentially Wednesday, March 16th. There is a conflict with the Basic Training classroom session. We may need to reschedule. Vinny will follow up.