ICO Polices

Standard Operating Procedures
The official governing document for ICO, adopted June 2010. The SOPs serve as the owner's manual for ICO volunteers.

Steering Committee Roster
Lists the voting members of the ICO Steering Committee.

ICO Name Change (new!)
Information about the upcoming/potential nation-wide name change for ICO.

Volunteer Compliance
A quick and plain explanation of what is required of ICO volunteers. Includes outlines of the extra requirements for Guides and Trip Leaders.

Weekly ICO Updater (WICOU)
            All your weekly updates are here!

           A location to download the Agendas and subsequent minutes for the Monthly River Meetings.  
Old Meeting Notes
Archive of notes from ICO meetings.

Off River Positions
List of off-river jobs and who does them.

Email Lists & Groups
A directory of all of ICO's email discussion lists, forums, and groups.

SOPs Proposals
A list of current proposed revisions to the SOPs.

South Fork American River Institutional Permitting
Information about the permitting process currently in development for Institutional groups on the South Fork of the American River.