Jan 19th Steering Committee Meeting

Steering Committee Meeting at Margery's

19 Jan 2011


Present: Vinny, Chris T, Lam, Lance, Natashia, Mel, Bill W, Margery, Chicken, Juan (by phone), Jon W (by video phone) Ryan (arrived later in the meeting)


(Majority Quorum present)


October Minutes approved


Old Business

1. Publicity Coordinator - Jon

a committee has been preparing a publicity coordinator position

Jon will post the requirements for a vote to put in the SOP


2. CARP & OLT Training

Lam: happy to include in basic training classroom sessions


3. Guide Application process

- table the per river discussion


4. Mission & Unity Discussion - canceled

Now updated to "difficult conversation" workshops on 3 & 10 Feb


5. Pigeon Point boat grouping requirement on Trinity

Lance says rangers need smaller groups of boats ("flotillas")

Concern about having one oarboat per flotilla

Should we drop the requirement for an oarboat on this river? 

Consider having rescue & safety equipment with each flotilla

Already have an exemption for the Middle Fork American (class IV)

Table discussion for another meeting.


New Business:

1. Rewrite of SOP language: Objective of ICO basic training

Stan suggested new wording to 10.1

Unanimous acceptance of new wording

Quorum votes for the change.  Vinny will instruct Ryan to enact the change.


2. Number of Basic Training trainees

Mel: next time, let's have this conversation earlier in the year (e.g. October)

Bill: and give feedback to the selection committee

Lam: wants 8, like last year, which worked well

Bill: great class last year, stayed with the program

Mel: need good process to get these issues discussed in October

Vinny: Chris can do the "Year End Wrap-up Party"

Mel: and we could evaluate the participant trips/ a season review

We will stay at 8 trainees - all voted affirmatively.


3. Juan: what about off-river volunteers?

Vinny will take up writing a proposal to distribute, Mel will help

Jon will send San Jose ICO introduction materials

Have them as happy paddlers, help in kitchen on training trip


4. Retreat location

Alpine Club on Mt. Tam, have a non-profit foundation - perhaps for next year

Need a member to accompany, $150/ yr

This year, at Tang Center

Food: Ryan, Tracey, Kim Knapp

Chris & Vinny still working on agenda, a lot of team-building

Year in Review, powerpoint w/ training, finance, fundraising, goals for upcoming year

Also OLT & CARP presentations

Set for 29 Jan, 9am - 6 pm.


5. Instructor training

So far, of 12 responses, no one has requested instructor training yet.  Will be discussed at training meeting next week.


5. Budget update

Jim will present at retreat.

Finance team: will be optimistic about fundraising trips

Bill: Will volunteer to coordinate on-river fundraising trips

Jon: let's talk more at retreat

Also, maintain $500 funding per trip

May be more helpful this summer, since gas prices up

Mel: TLs need to work with groups to let them know we have $$

Also, TLs & instructors would have costs for training trips covered


7. When will the state parks open Salmon Falls/ Skunk Hollow?

Vinny will email Noah to ask.


8. Project LifeRaft training

Chicken will be in charge.  Want to have training at Bay Model, but likely will have it at Sierra Club, in Berkeley or SF.  Already on ICO calendar, 7 May.  Currently discussing curriculum.  Welcome folks with environ ed experience to join & help out.  Trainers need training, then give training on participant trips.  Each trip that trains participants gets $200. 

Committee could change training date to 30 April, so we can schedule trips for 7 May.  SF Bay Chapter, water committee, gave donation to ICO, with requirement that ICO work with them to do conservation training.

Chicken's declining to coordinate, but we can solicit a coordinator for this.  Bill will recruit.

Mel: Kiyomi & 1 other are good environ ed folk in ICO Backpacking


9. Guide Application (Ryan arrived)

Margery will review Guide app for skills required by Sierra Club watercraft policy, and star the skills that are required.


10. ATA evaluation at Tune-up trip


Meeting Adjourned at 9PM.