#40 Mar 7 - Mar 13, 2016 Weekly ICO Updater

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Ooops, Its a Bi-Weekly ICO Updater!

Below are organizational updates and weekly bits of fluff for your entertainment.  I will try to add a weekly photo as well.  Please let me know of any updates you would like added to the WICOU.


 ICO Practicing/Learning CPR


This Week’s Bit of Fluff: ICO Training Challenge 2016

1.      Who is this year’s training coordinator?

2.      When is BT #1 this year?

3.      Who is the Selection Coordinator?

4.      What training weekend is scheduled to be an Expedition Trip?

5.      Name 2 trainers in ICO.

Last Week’s Bit of Fluff: the River Challenge (name the river)

1.      On what river will you find the rapid Trouble maker? South Fork American

2.      Where might you fall in the hole at Lava Falls? Colorado River: Grand Canyon

3.      On what river did Mark Dubois chain himself to a rock prior to the Melones Reservoir being filled in 1979? The Stanislaus

4.      Where did Chicken take his annual solo rafting trip each year? Green River

5.      What river boasts the rapid Three Headed Monster? Bonus if you can give the names back story. Upper Sac, Caroline S. named a rapid after some zits on Mel’s face…Ask either of them for the full story.




The Weekly Update: March 7 – March 20, 2016


Current Updates:


1.      Training:  The training class has been interviewed and selected.  It is going to be a small class with lots of room for Apprentices and Guides to come out and practice their skill!  I’m excited to see the SFA at higher flows than 1300cfs and to practice my skills, work on my read/run approach, and dial in all my safety knowledge.  JOIN US FOR THIS YEARS TRAINING! 


2.      OPEN LEADER ROLES Requiring Immediate Volunteers:

a.      Outreach – Contact all previous agencies w/ application for 2016 boating season.  Receive Applications, Calendar trips.  This job is currently being handled as a group.  Please cc Kate Starr, if you know of groups who whom you would like to forward the group application .

b.      Co-Chair: We are looking for a co-chair to learn the ropes and set up for a seamless transition when Kate steps down at the end of 2016.

c.       Volunteer Coordinator:

3.     CPR/First Aid Training


ETC sponsored first aid

Dave Yacubian, from Ready SF, will be teaching (He and Sascha work together).  The course is three hours long, is a two year certification, and meets the minimum first aid certification required.  This class normally costs $75, and Dave has offered to discount the cost to $30 for ETC/ICO Guides.  Room for 5 ICO peeps.

Wednesday APRIL 6 6-9 PM

Sierra Club Office Yosemite Room

85 Second Street 3rd floor sf 94105

Cost: $30

To RSVP: Email Oren at kayak@etctrips.org.  he''ll add you to the list and provide payment instructions (you must pay in advance to register).


4.      April River Mtg: Wednesday April 6th @ 7pm. LOCATION NEEDED!  Agenda forthcoming.


5.      Upcoming Trips: 

a.      Tune Up Trip – Sunday March 13th  

b.      Training Flatwater is on March 19th (Shadowcliffs) – TL Ryan Clark

c.       Training Classroom is on March 20th 2016. 

d.      Training Dates:

                                                              i.      BT #1 -  April 2/3 2016 (SFA)

                                                            ii.      BT #2 – April 9/10 2016 (SFA)

                                                          iii.      BT #3 – April 16/17 2016 (SFA – anticipated expedition)

                                                           iv.      BT #4 - April 23/24 2016 (TBA - )

e.      Please sign up to:

                                                              i.      Trip Lead

                                                            ii.      Train

                                                          iii.      Happy Paddlers invite friends – We are working on a Google Doc where non-ICO happy paddlers can sign up.



6.      Training 2016:

a.      We are currently planning to have 2016 spring training.  Please see above dates. 

b.      TLs and Trainers: we have finalized dates and have sent out a request for TLs and Trainers to sign up for the training weekends.  Please look at your calendars think about keeping some weekends free in late March and April .


7.      Happy Birthday this week:

a.      Please wish a happy birthday to: Ansel McClelland;

b.      Please let me know your birthday if you would like it announced in the WICOU. 


Older Updates:


1.      Annual Grassroots Letter Campaign:  The letter has been sent out. Please forward this letter with a personalized note to your friends, family, co-worker, other networks.  If we all find a couple of people to donate, we can raise a substantial amount of money.


Until Next Week,



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