October 2010 River Meeting

Attendance: Vinny, Churro, Natasha, Bill, Harold, Paul L, Ryan, Pablo, Viviana, Bart S., Bart Jr., Mel, Mary


September trip reports.

Sequioa service trip: about 46 ppl total. Expedition. Camped at blm1. Did gorge. Saturday, did service, …. Sunday, one girl fell in, mild concussion. Was acting more and more confused after being pulled in. viviana hopped in, checked in her.  at first she was responding, and then got a little confused after. mel made decision to take her to hospital after the trip.  Had catscan, just mild swelling.  Bill Center donated parking for 11 vehicles.


Kipp trip: weekend was great. Working with SJ ICO always a pleasure.  Were worried about weather, but turned out great. Flip but quick rescue.  Kids were wonderful.


Kyp: was good. Good group. Swimmers at fowlers. Rescue too a bit longer than expected,  but went well.  Had to pull over for an hour. After the trip all the gear was loaded up at Lotus shed late for transportation to Oakland for the end of the season. Many thanks for Arturo, Caroline, Alyssa and Margery for bringing all the gear, which ended up being after midnight.


PRS: we usually get a new boat every year. Mike is going to switch the boats every other year, which will help save some rental costs. Also, there’s a monstrous frame donated to ICO It fits a 14” boat and comes apart, but is one of the old school frames. We will most likely try to sell it if possible. It is currently at PRS if anyone would like to take a look.

Gear party: wetsuits washed. Ryan took them to PRS ten at a time in july. PDF's were numbered and sized. First aid kit went to chris and sully. Bill has strap bag. We need to buy a cooler.


September fundraiser: great weekend. 17 on south fork. 4 on middle fork. 6 guests camped. Ran into kyp trip and got to see our group. No swimmers for the weekend. 2 guests who were repeat fundraiser guests. Definitely worth effort to create database with our past and current fundraiser guests. Conservative estimate $1500. Still donations pending. Bill center donated camping fee. Thoughts for next year, allow two month window to settle on dates with AO. Also, perhaps, recruit help from volunteers not on previous ico trip.


Finance: We are in the red by quite a bit. There has not been a lot of donations and funding coming in this year. Finance committee meeting will meet in the 4-6 weeks to decide on 2011 budget which could include SWR. El Dorado county is considering requiring Swiftwater for commercial guides, this could also be applied to institutional groups. This currently is only a discussion item and is not expected to impact the next season as of yet. 


Fundraising: Bake Sales is a go for this holiday season at REI.  Still working on a game plan for how we are going to approach foundation grants, which include making ICO Rafting better presentable. Possibility of multiple fundraiser trips in 2011 will also be explored. A lot would depend on AO and Jared.


Chair: few ppl interested, but we want to confirm this. Have until November.


Committee chair opening: Kareim has stepped down as outreach chair. Anthony has kindly agreed to take on that position.


Calendar dates:

Retreat tentatively: Jan 22-23 – Retreat coordinators are Emilia and Sully. Finance will set a budget as soon as possible.


Applications deadline: 2/1

Interviews: 2/12

Fundraising dinner: 2/27

Tuneup/Train the Trainer: 3/5-6

Flatwater: 3/12

BT1: 3/19-20

BT2: 3/26-27

BB: 4/2-3

BT3: 4/9-10

BT4 : 4/16-17

October steering committee meeting set for Wednesday 10/20: A number of topics to cover including: changing guide approval process. Trinity Pigron point oarframe requirements.


ATA applications: two ATA candidates. Steering committee will vote on application to ICO. Kim Knapp and Gabrielle Miller-Messner. We need to add verbage in to the SOP for requirements for general membership in to ICO.