April 18 Steering Committee Meeting

April 18, 2012
Bill W's House, San Rafael
Bill, Ryan, Chris, Vinny, Natasha, Margery, Jon (Phone), Juan (phone)

Feb meeting minutes approved by acclamation.

Training Update
9 trainee, 2 Adv, 7 Adv
Trainees are on track.
Margery is impressed with training class.

Incident on BT3
Fred dislocated shoulder on Sunday during flip drills
The shoulder reduced on its own before he was pulled back into the boat
Sling and swath applied.

What is medical screening process for applicants?
Ryan: There is a screening question on the application. Follow up with long form if necessary.
Juan: Make all applicants/trainees fill it out?

Mentor Program
Natasha and Caroline want a mentor evaluation.
Add questions to training evaluation for Trainees to fill out.
Bill: Nag mentors to contact mentees.
Ryan will be Dave's mentor.

Basic Training Graduation
Mel is making certificates
Bill is getting whistles

Beyond Basics
Margery wants to withdraw as TL from May 5-6 Beyond Basics.
Larry Orman is available to train.

Adv Training April 28-29
Joint Adv Training with Healing Waters on the Tuolumne.
Delton would serve as Head Trainer, run the whole river each day.
Margery can TL that trip.

Finance Report
We haven't over-spent yet.
We will over-spend this year, as in past few years.
Improving fundraising would be good.
Long-term finance is trending down. Combination of increased costs and less fundraising.

Fundraising Report
No specific plans in progress.
Hopefully will do a fundraising trip this year. Need to contact Jared/Mai.
Jon doesn't want to do more than one fundraiser trip. There was discussion that lead to this conclusion last year.
Missed Fundraising Banquet. It is extremely difficult for Jon do it remotely.
Grants would be good, but take effort. Contact Jon is you're interested.
Bill volunteers to contact Jared.

Equipment Report
Vinny will look for used PFDs.
No FOR gear swap this year.
Vinny will get more paddles.
Vinny will get some more First Aid supplies.

Bill didn't take blaster home for repair.
Commissary:Cutting boards and knives are missing.
Need more frame tools.
Need a few replacement oar sleeves.

Dutch Oven is still missing.

13' boat has a leaky floor value. Needs to go back to PRS for repair.

Monthly River Meetings
Margery will coordinate River Meetings for a while.
Skill building, enrichment, etc.
Less business in regular meetings (move to Steering meetings)
Short Big Picture discussion every meeting
Enrichment Ideas
  • Environmental Education
  • Rescue Rodeo and/or Rope Craft
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Official Sierra Club First Aid Protocols
  • Online Resources Education
  • Working with Youth
  • Listening Skills and Difficult conversations
  • Pictures from trips

IT Report
Nothing happening. Lots of theoretical design, but no real work.
Our website is editable by anyone with an icorafting.org account.
It comes pretty close to a "wiki", but it needs a search feature.
Bill: A sitemap would be really helpful.

Phones on trips? As coverage improves, it's the future. :-(
TL may ask politely for people to turn off phones.


Trip Leader Applications
Chris Thorsen -- Approved.
Vinny A -- Approved. 
Natash A -- Approved.

[Editor's Note: WOOT]

Next Steering Committee Meeting
May 16th, 2012 at Natasha & Vinny's House in El Cerrito